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    I have had the opportunity to come to know the German-born, Los Angeles-and-Hong-Kong-based painter and photographer Kubo as a committed artist and a valued colleague. He is a true scholar, a philosopher in his own right, possessing an active, adventurous and generous mind, an infectious drive to solve social as well as artistic problems, and an unusual commitment to humanity which – as a founding member of the Green Movement in Germany – he has long put into practice. He is an expert in pigments and other artistic materials, and readily shares his expertise with others even as he applies it to his own work. And he deftly balances his roles as family man, businessman, and creative force across three continents.


    Kubo believes in inner growth and reflection and in using the knowledge thus gained to enact social change.  He uses his art as a way to work through conflicts, looking inward to examine what the deeper issues might be and resolving them in various media and formats.  He believes in living simply, ridding ourselves of self-importance and getting in direct touch with our creative impulses. Once completed, his art, he feels, no longer belongs solely to him; rather, it is its own entity, and he is as much its audience as is anyone else who views it.  The layering in Kubo’s work reflects his outlook on our societal interactions: we function within and amidst layers of communication and understanding, a parallel to the complex palette he uses and the technical means by which he develops his colors.  Layering pigments on paper to achieve the desired color rather than pre-mixing colors before applying them, an organic (and risky) development of the final product, gives his paintings a life of their own. 


    Kubo defines real freedom as creating without boundaries, allowing what is inside to be released through artistic engagement and allowing the witnessing of art, its production and its viewing, to help us define our own personalities. One can grow in one’s character by exploring seeming “failures” and finding solutions, or by digging deeper into what might be the root causes of bad decisions.  His art is ever changing, optically as well as formally fluid. Each viewing might reveal an entirely different image or emotion, depending on the light or the viewer’s stance or even viewers’ position in life. Even for Kubo himself his art is a constant process of self-discovery, a continual exploration of who he is even after each work is completed. He puts his energy into the world and allows it to breathe and give to those who see it, beyond the artist-creator, guiding each viewer through their own interpretation and discovery until the art has taken on a life of its own.


    Fatemeh Burnes

    Los Angeles 2016

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